[maemo-users] N810 with GSM radio

From: Erik Hovland erik at hovland.org
Date: Tue Jan 13 22:26:53 EET 2009
> Thoughts? Comments? Expletives?

W/ bluetooth tethering and the WiMax addition, it is obvious to me that
Nokia is attempting to get there. And by there - an always connected
web tablet. The next device will likely have the space for 3G.

The thing to recognize is that at least in the US, it is a lot harder then just
being 3G enabled. The strangle hold that the carriers have on the
network adds to the problem. Look at the WiMax rollout, only two cities
really have service. So the N810 WiMax edition is pretty much exactly
the same as the N810.


Erik Hovland
erik at hovland.org

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