[maemo-users] N810 with GSM radio

From: Brad Midgley bmidgley at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 14 01:28:16 EET 2009

> So why can't they release a N810 with embedded GSM/EDGE radio? All
> that is needed is a phone dialer applet.
> Thoughts? Comments? Expletives?

It's often suggested it would be too costly or logistically difficult,
but there are smaller companies that are at least trying something
similar. There were a few atom-based machines being shown off at CES
that will ship with 3g. One looked just like a fat n810 only with some
terrible in-house OS. Nokia should be equipped to deal with logistics
better than little fly-by-night operations like that.

Nokia has several operating systems, product lines, feature sets, etc.
One unfortunate explanation might simply be that the the maemo project
was told they could not tread on the turf of another unit at Nokia.

One real complication is some of the 3g networks in the US ostensibly
don't allow VOIP on their network. For Nokia to remain on good terms
with providers it probably isn't in their interest to make it easy to
break the terms of service of your network provider.

There was a booth for the Clear venture at CES. They had an impressive
map showing near-complete coverage of the US. Closer inspection shows
they were demonstrating coverage areas of the partners in Clear,
including any network type. An actual WiMAX coverage map would have
looked pretty dismal.

Brad Midgley

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