[maemo-users] Claws Mail won't start

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jan 19 17:03:33 EET 2009

ext Peter Bart wrote:
>> I'm running (or at least trying to run) the latest updated version of
>> Claws mail on an N810 with the latest version of Diablo (with all the
>> latest updats). But it refuses to start. This started several weeks
>> ago. I thought eventually updates would fix it but they haven't.
>> Should I try uninstalling and re-installing?
> If you have the mailboxes on one of the memory cards check to see
> if the card is read only. I had that issue and discovered a RS-MMC
> had spontaneously protected itself.

This usually means that the card file system has corrupted.

Memory cards use the common MicroSoft FAT file system.
It's easy to corrupt by:
- unplugging the USB cable without using "safely remove"
- taking the card out while it's being written to
- device freeze/reboot (no reproducible cases known currently)
   when some data is only partly written to the card

Linux kernel remounts disk (in this case memory card) as read-only
when it notices that it's corrupted.  This is done to protect it
from further corruption.

You can resolve this by repairing the file system.  Device
file manager has a utility for this, but there might not be
enough memory to run that if your card is large and full,
so I'd recommend doing it from the PC.

I reformated the card,

Reformatting works also, but loses all of the data on the card.

> verified that was the problem and replaced the card.

There's a good probability that the card itself was still fine.

	- Eero

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