[maemo-users] 2Gb internal storage on N810

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jul 21 10:53:48 EEST 2009

ext Alexandru Cardaniuc wrote:
>> While some express concern/fear about memory errors on flash cards,
>> there seems to be little mention of such problems from n800 users who
>> have been using replaceable flash cards for several years. So while
>> there probably is some wall when these things may start to happen for
>> n810s, it's still a bit out in the future. For n800s users, there's
>> the simple fix of swapping a new card.
> Easy fix for replaceable cards, but how about built-in 256MB flash
> memory?

As far as I remember correctly, on average it has enough write cycles
that you should be able to write to it *constantly* for tens of years.
I doubt the rest of device will last that long. :-)

Except for RSS, email etc refreshes which results are stored under
/home/ and operations for files on /home/MyDocs, there shouldn't be
much writes to it though.  If you have Flash enabled in Browser, but
no memory card, the video streaming is buffered on that too.

Real reason for avoiding frequent writes / disk churn on rootfs is that
this would  trigger JFFS2 garbage collecting much more frequently which
can *really* slow down your device:

The internal 2GB memory card in N810 has less write cycles than
the roots.  Because it's larger, it can spread the writes over more
blocks i.e. wearing shouldn't be a problem for that either.

Btw. Personally, I wouldn't enable swap on it (from Control panel)
though, at least constantly, for following reasons (ordered from more
important to less important):
1. with constant swap file writes, it's much easier to
    accidentally cause the card FAT file system to get corrupted
2. there's a performance slowdown (although swap allows running
    some use-cases that wouldn't be otherwise possible)
(3. Flash wearing)

If you want swap, I would suggest a fast SD card with a separate
_partition_ for swap and some hacking on the device startup scripts
to support this.

	- Eero
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