[maemo-users] 2Gb internal storage on N810

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu Jul 23 22:45:18 EEST 2009
Eero Tamminen wrote:

> 1. with constant swap file writes, it's much easier to
>     accidentally cause the card FAT file system to get corrupted

> If you want swap, I would suggest a fast SD card with a separate
> _partition_ for swap

AFAIK since version 2.4 of linux kernel, swapping to file no longer goes 
via filesystem code at all and speed is similar/same to swapping to 
block device directly. Kernel swapping code makes mapping for blocks 
belonging to swap file on the beginning and then uses underlying block 
device directly (both for speed and for deadlock prevention). If the 
file is not heavily fragmented speed should be the same. Fragmentation 
is visible in kernel log when swap file is enabled (number of extents).

As for corruption I'm not sure but I'd say it is not an issue too since 
file is already allocated and filesystem code is not used when swapping.

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