[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Mar 4 16:55:35 EET 2009

ext Ognen Duzlevski wrote:
> lead disappears and you have to set it up again (here is the problem: I 
> am driving and the unit shuts off the screen to conserve power

In fullscreen mode Maemo mapper prevents screen blanking.

> - when I  need the screen, I touch it but then I loose the lead

And if you set the dim and blank timeouts from the Control panel to
same value, the device doesn't dim the screen (which IMHO is just
annoying), but just directly blanks it after the timeout.

When the screen is blanked, tapping it will just unblank it. The tap
that wakes the screen doesn't go to the application.

> and it
> can also zoom in on another portion of the map - naturally I don't have the 
> freedom to play with the menus and re-set everything up since I am 
> driving!). Maps are also an issue, if I decide to download too many zoom 
> levels, the maps are too large and Maemo Mapper dies processing them. 

I've found out that it's better to do this before the trip (and restart
Maemo Mapper after it, otherwise it can take a lot of RAM and make
the whole device slow).

> also difficult for me. Thus, I gave up. Next, Skype: I have tried to 
> have a phone call or two over wireless, but with mixed luck, sometimes 
> too slow, sometimes alright.

Skype has worked fine for me.  Have you some ancient release on your
device (there were sound quality issues in 2007 and earlier releases)?

> So, all in all, what do people use their Nokias for

- As a portable map with Maemo Mapper
   - OpenStreet and the Finnish topographic maps are great
- For Skype
   - when abroad as I don't need Skype otherwise
- Browsing public transportation time-tables etc over phone
- Looking morning TV-news at breakfast
   - from a mobile internet video streaming service
- Viewing photos from our digi-camera when on vacation
   - and in general as a memory card reader
- Some music and games (e.g. graphical adventures with ScummVm)

Basically stuff for what phone is too small for and laptop is too
unwieldy.  It's nice when traveling (I don't need to drag a laptop
with me).

 > and are they happy with the overall usability of the apps and their 
documentation? Or am I
> just being lazy and giving up easily? It seems to me, I would have been 
> better off waiting for an Android based phone, for example.

	- Eero

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