[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Ognen Duzlevski ognen at naniteworld.com
Date: Wed Mar 4 19:03:55 EET 2009
Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Hi,
> ext Ognen Duzlevski wrote:
>> lead disappears and you have to set it up again (here is the problem: 
>> I am driving and the unit shuts off the screen to conserve power
> In fullscreen mode Maemo mapper prevents screen blanking.
Then I must have missed this somewhere in the documentation. Thanks.

> - when I  need the screen, I touch it but then I loose the lead
> And if you set the dim and blank timeouts from the Control panel to
> same value, the device doesn't dim the screen (which IMHO is just
> annoying), but just directly blanks it after the timeout.
> When the screen is blanked, tapping it will just unblank it. The tap
> that wakes the screen doesn't go to the application.
Hmm. Maybe. But when you are in your vehicle, you don't have the 
opportunity to be so precise so you inevitably end up touching it twice 
without knowing.

>> can also zoom in on another portion of the map - naturally I don't 
>> have the freedom to play with the menus and re-set everything up 
>> since I am driving!). Maps are also an issue, if I decide to download 
>> too many zoom levels, the maps are too large and Maemo Mapper dies 
>> processing them. 
> and it
> I've found out that it's better to do this before the trip (and restart
> Maemo Mapper after it, otherwise it can take a lot of RAM and make
> the whole device slow).
Well, that's what I do. However, I have not had the luck with processing 
more than, say, 48 MB of maps. My N800 boots from a 16Gb SD card and I 
have plenty of space. It seems to be a function of RAM and I think the 
kernel might be killing the process if it is taking up too much RAM (or 
maybe the program is buggy and dies itself).

>> So, all in all, what do people use their Nokias for
> - As a portable map with Maemo Mapper
>   - OpenStreet and the Finnish topographic maps are great
> - For Skype
>   - when abroad as I don't need Skype otherwise
> - Browsing public transportation time-tables etc over phone
> - Looking morning TV-news at breakfast
>   - from a mobile internet video streaming service
> - Viewing photos from our digi-camera when on vacation
>   - and in general as a memory card reader
> - Some music and games (e.g. graphical adventures with ScummVm)
Yeah, but I guess in my mind this does not justify the cost (when I 
bought it, it was about $250). That's why I started thinking that maybe 
I am uninspired when it comes to using the device and that there must be 
people out there doing cooler stuff with it. For example, I have a Sony 
camera that has a screen about the size of the N800, so no need to view 
the photos on the Nokia. I just got an Asus EEE for a similar price at 
Best Buy here in the States and it is actually a much more usable 
gadget. I understand it is not tablet size but it is darn close and much 
more capable and usable with a "real" keyboard and bigger screen. And 
Firefox on t is way faster at displaying pages than the N800. It gets 
really annoying when you go for a trip and you are in your hotel room 
looking for restaurants or things to do and it takes 5 minutes to open a 

I am not trying to bash the N800 (or N810), they are fine devices, just 
trying to see whether I can put my device to a better use. For example, 
I have been a long time Linux user/admin and with a bluetooth keyboard I 
can fire up the Xterm and run mplayer manually but even with that, I 
have had no luck in actually ripping a DVD to a point it is actually 
viewable on the N800. I use Handbrake on my Linux desktop and am yet to 
find the right combination of all parameters while ripping the DVD to 
produce a movie that is actually not choppy on the N800. If anyone has 
the experience, I would appreciate the help. Right now the device is 
pretty useless to me. Even if I have something to watch, Canola's 
interface is pretty strange, I have to say.


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