[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 4 19:20:48 EET 2009
My device list is:

N810 tablet
Dell Mini 9

each of them has its own use, they one that's specific to it plus a
bit of what is not specific to it.


I use it for calling. But I also use it as a camera and mp3 player
when I don't have them with me. But it is not a camera nor an mp3
player, so I can't complain on those features when they don't work as

N810 tablet

I use it at home on the sofa to keep me on-line:

chat, some cheap web browsing, email and so on.
Tasks that I do while not watching the TV (i.e. my partner's zapping
or there's an annoying commercial).

I use it on the move, to do staff the phone can't do.
E-Mail, cheap browsing, keeping me contacted on Skype/IM/and so on.

Dell Mini 9
I use this at home mainly, when not watching a TV but want to do a
better browsing, do some work, some editing, some development WHILE
also keeping me on-line on IMs/Skype and so fort.
It can do, on the sofa, what the laptop can do (but it's too heavy/big
to do) and what the N810 can do, but it's too slow/small/cramped


A laptop. Well, mainly used by my partner for work, but can be used
when the Dell Mini 9 fails (store data [even tho I am gonna buy an
external network drive for that], CD/DVD player, CD/DVD burning, and
so on).

All the devices cover all my needs and I think would cover all your
needs and everyone needs if used in the right context.

I wish the cellphone could substitute the N810 as it'd smaller and an
all-in-one device, but it clearly can't do that.
I wish the N810 could substitute the Dell Mini 9, but reality proved
this can't be.
I wish the Dell Mini 9 could substitute the Mac, but again, this can't be.

Actually there are cases where I wish I had a desktop, but the Macbook
can substitute it, so I still haven't justified the expense there.

Hope this helps.

2009/3/4 Ognen Duzlevski <ognen at naniteworld.com>:
> Eero Tamminen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> ext Ognen Duzlevski wrote:
>>> lead disappears and you have to set it up again (here is the problem:
>>> I am driving and the unit shuts off the screen to conserve power
>> In fullscreen mode Maemo mapper prevents screen blanking.
> Then I must have missed this somewhere in the documentation. Thanks.
>> - when I  need the screen, I touch it but then I loose the lead
>> And if you set the dim and blank timeouts from the Control panel to
>> same value, the device doesn't dim the screen (which IMHO is just
>> annoying), but just directly blanks it after the timeout.
>> When the screen is blanked, tapping it will just unblank it. The tap
>> that wakes the screen doesn't go to the application.
> Hmm. Maybe. But when you are in your vehicle, you don't have the
> opportunity to be so precise so you inevitably end up touching it twice
> without knowing.
>>> can also zoom in on another portion of the map - naturally I don't
>>> have the freedom to play with the menus and re-set everything up
>>> since I am driving!). Maps are also an issue, if I decide to download
>>> too many zoom levels, the maps are too large and Maemo Mapper dies
>>> processing them.
>> and it
>> I've found out that it's better to do this before the trip (and restart
>> Maemo Mapper after it, otherwise it can take a lot of RAM and make
>> the whole device slow).
> Well, that's what I do. However, I have not had the luck with processing
> more than, say, 48 MB of maps. My N800 boots from a 16Gb SD card and I
> have plenty of space. It seems to be a function of RAM and I think the
> kernel might be killing the process if it is taking up too much RAM (or
> maybe the program is buggy and dies itself).
>>> So, all in all, what do people use their Nokias for
>> - As a portable map with Maemo Mapper
>>   - OpenStreet and the Finnish topographic maps are great
>> - For Skype
>>   - when abroad as I don't need Skype otherwise
>> - Browsing public transportation time-tables etc over phone
>> - Looking morning TV-news at breakfast
>>   - from a mobile internet video streaming service
>> - Viewing photos from our digi-camera when on vacation
>>   - and in general as a memory card reader
>> - Some music and games (e.g. graphical adventures with ScummVm)
> Yeah, but I guess in my mind this does not justify the cost (when I
> bought it, it was about $250). That's why I started thinking that maybe
> I am uninspired when it comes to using the device and that there must be
> people out there doing cooler stuff with it. For example, I have a Sony
> camera that has a screen about the size of the N800, so no need to view
> the photos on the Nokia. I just got an Asus EEE for a similar price at
> Best Buy here in the States and it is actually a much more usable
> gadget. I understand it is not tablet size but it is darn close and much
> more capable and usable with a "real" keyboard and bigger screen. And
> Firefox on t is way faster at displaying pages than the N800. It gets
> really annoying when you go for a trip and you are in your hotel room
> looking for restaurants or things to do and it takes 5 minutes to open a
> page...
> I am not trying to bash the N800 (or N810), they are fine devices, just
> trying to see whether I can put my device to a better use. For example,
> I have been a long time Linux user/admin and with a bluetooth keyboard I
> can fire up the Xterm and run mplayer manually but even with that, I
> have had no luck in actually ripping a DVD to a point it is actually
> viewable on the N800. I use Handbrake on my Linux desktop and am yet to
> find the right combination of all parameters while ripping the DVD to
> produce a movie that is actually not choppy on the N800. If anyone has
> the experience, I would appreciate the help. Right now the device is
> pretty useless to me. Even if I have something to watch, Canola's
> interface is pretty strange, I have to say.
> Thanks,
> Ognen
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