[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Lillebjorn Nilsen maemo at start.no
Date: Thu Mar 5 12:24:59 EET 2009
The n810 (and linux) is quite new to me. My favorite handheld, as a 
computing road warrior, has (for 20 years!) been the HP200LX

1) The 200LX is a MS-DOS pc and has some excellent PIMs and a perfect 
data base built in. These apps exist as a PC suite called Connectivity 
Pack. Would anybody know if this would run under the 
http://pupnik.de/dosbox.html ??

2) Apart from missing the above, I find the n810 a more than promising 
traveling companion. If only I could find ways to transfer all my 
collected data bases to it.

* Skype is a goodie, and would be even goodier with video and file 

* And, yes, I like the Mahjong game. :-)

Lillebjorn in Oslo, Norway
Ognen Duzlevski skrev:
> Hello,
> I am curious to find out what people use their Nokias for. If anyone 
> could share their usage patterns, it would be appreciated.

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