[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Spencer.GOH at rbs.com Spencer.GOH at rbs.com
Date: Thu Mar 5 13:37:13 EET 2009
I used mine for the following:

 - Remote to home PC from work via VNC
 - Pidgin for always on instant messaging (facebook/yahoo/msn)
 - Skype for calling other users & international calls
 - GPE Calendar (syncing to Google Cal) & GPE Todo
     I find that using these with keyboard is so much easier than fiddling with TaskLists and calendars on my W890i mobile
 - Read eBooks with FBReader (useful for browsing techie programning books on the tube)
 - Viewing photos taken on my mobile (browse mobile's filesystem via Bluetooth) (Quiver / Canola)
 - Browsing the web while at work (since there's a public WiFi in the area which isn't subject to the heavy handed web filters at work)
 - Viewing YouTube via Canola trying to beat the web filter & however failing to get it all loaded anywhere near as quick as iPhone boys.
 - Xchat IRC : a bit of nostalgia sitting on some IRC channels
 - Claws Mail for reading my Google Mail (find the Gmail website quite slow processing all the java script via N810 web)
 - Listening to Radio 3 (helps relax! - day job programming!) & other web radio streams

 - Generally fighting my corner against the rest of my team who ALL have iPhones!
        Trying to convince them that having a high resolution screen and linux OS is cool.
        But frustrated by start up speed of various apps & fiddly usability of many.

 - GPS sat nav with Maemo Mapper, but again usability issues, esp having download massive maps of many levels (take ages to process the maps)
Also even with AGPS, the location is poor compared to iPhone, and even find it much faster on my W890i GoogleMaps where it starts up and finds my location within 10 secs.   However is useful on the road in the car, but screen isn't bright enough sometimes outside esp compared to iPhone.  Also run out of batteries with GPS & 3G tethered bluetooth connection to Mobile for navigation - need to buy a in car charger!
Flite voice synthesis is rubbish and the speaker on the N810 isn't load enough to hear directions in the car anyway.

 - Have Gnumeric & eVince, MaemoPad+, Xournal installed but don't use them anywhere near as much
 - Finally games, play BattleGweled, Barrage, Hex-a-hop, Abuse & Powermanga! though have gone past my train station a few times as a result!
        - Want to try out MasterGear & VGBA but need to find ROMs from somewhere...

Overall quite pleased with it, but could do with better usability in the UI for each application & more processor power / start up apps faster & render www faster, also need a better integrated PIM suite.  Fed up of iPhone users showing off all the "cool" silly apps and slagging off my N810.  Also wish they have put a MUCH more sensitive capacitive screen like iPhone, instead of the slow sticky resistive one in N810

Also anyone know how to customise the GPE Summary applet?  I've googled without luck. Wanna make the font MUCH smaller & background color & transparency to match my other CPU/weather applets.

- Spencer

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