[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Date: Thu Mar 5 17:20:37 EET 2009
	for file transfer nothing beats rsync. It works like a charm on
just about any platform, N8x0 included.

On Thu, 5 Mar 2009, John Holmblad wrote:

> Ognen,
> thanks for sharing your perspective.
> After several years I found an N800 app that provides real, practical,
> weekly value to me . It is the multilist application. In fact, I even
> considered selling N800's with this application preinstalled for end users.
> I have tested Skype and it works but I normally use my mobile phone for
> voice.
> I have, when the need arose, done online banking using the N800/Diablo
> www browser even though my bank's www site warns me that the browser is
> not really compatible with its www site.
> I have also tested the apps that provide IP TV feeds which seem to work
> ok with DSL to the Internet. I have not tested these apps over CDMA/eVDO
> bandwidth however. I suspect that they would be very jerky on EVDO but I
> could be wrong.
> I have also used clawsmail for email with some success although the
> Clawsmail app interface is more complicated than it needs to be for
> everyday use.
> One really good thing about the IT is how easily it tethers via
> bluetooth to my mobile phone which has CDMA/EVDO service.
> Recently because I have started working with Python, I have had occasion
> to perform file transfers from my Windows based PC's to the N800,
> again, using bluetooth and it works very well. I have not yet had
> success in moving files in the opposite direction but I believe that has
> everything to do with Windows NTFS file permissions and nothing to do
> with the Bluetooth stack in the N800.
> I believe that, so far, the Internet Tablets have failed to provide a
> sufficient "constellation of benefits" to motivate consumer or business
> users toward the device at the offered price versus other products on
> the market and, unfortunately, that performance-benefits/price gap seems
> to be widening, not closing, at least here in the U.S.
> I continue to believe that the IT is an excellent hw/sw platform
> (perhaps even he best out there)  however, end users don't purchase
> platforms, they purchase product value which, in the current economic
> environment, becomes ever more critical in order to justify a product
> purchase decision.
> Best Regards,
> John Holmblad
>  Acadia Secure Networks, LLC
> Ognen Duzlevski wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am curious to find out what people use their Nokias for. If anyone
> > could share their usage patterns, it would be appreciated.
> >
> > I bought an N800 thinking that it was a very cool gadget (which it seems
> > to be). However, I am having trouble justifying the expense to myself,
> > even after a year of owning the thing. Here is my list of complaints:
> >
> > It is too slow when browsing the net (compared to, for example, my Asus
> > EEE or my laptop). Then I thought I would use it as a glorified GPS unit
> > so I spent more money and bought a bluetooth GPS unit for it. However, I
> > have never been able to make Maemo Mapper really act in a user-friendly
> > way. First off, as soon as you touch the screen (even by accident), the
> > lead disappears and you have to set it up again (here is the problem: I
> > am driving and the unit shuts off the screen to conserve power - when I
> > need the screen, I touch it but then I loose the lead and it can also
> > zoom in on another portion of the map - naturally I don't have the
> > freedom to play with the menus and re-set everything up since I am
> > driving!). Maps are also an issue, if I decide to download too many zoom
> > levels, the maps are too large and Maemo Mapper dies processing them.
> > Next, I tried Canola: it looks very pretty but the user interface is
> > puzzling to me. I have tried to tell it where to look for videos or
> > music but it was impossible to actually do so. Making a playlist was
> > also difficult for me. Thus, I gave up. Next, Skype: I have tried to
> > have a phone call or two over wireless, but with mixed luck, sometimes
> > too slow, sometimes alright.
> >
> > Finally, the usage I really bought the unit for was to connect to my
> > lego mindstorms NXT unit via bluetooth and control it from the N800. I
> > have yet to have success in pairing the devices (to be fair, the problem
> > is probably with the NXT).
> >
> > So, all in all, what do people use their Nokias for and are they happy
> > with the overall usability of the apps and their documentation? Or am I
> > just being lazy and giving up easily? It seems to me, I would have been
> > better off waiting for an Android based phone, for example.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > OD
> >
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