[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Fernando Cassia fcassia at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 5 20:37:35 EET 2009
On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 11:12 AM, Ognen Duzlevski <ognen at naniteworld.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am curious to find out what people use their Nokias for. If anyone
> could share their usage patterns, it would be appreciated.

This is like asking "what do peope use their bikes for? I bought one
and can't find any use for it".
Well if it's of no use for you, sell it. It's ridiculous to ask others
for guidance, obviously if you haven't found a need for it, then you
don't need it.

> I bought an N800 thinking that it was a very cool gadget (which it seems
> to be). However, I am having trouble justifying the expense to myself,
> even after a year of owning the thing.

Another reason to sell it.

> Here is my list of complaints:
> It is too slow when browsing the net (compared to, for example, my Asus
> EEE or my laptop).

Oh great, you are comparing an ultra low-power 320MHZ ARM CPU (RISC)
vs a 1Ghz x86 CISC.
Here's some learning for you to do:


> Then I thought I would use it as a glorified GPS unit
> so I spent more money and bought a bluetooth GPS unit for it.

> Well, if you're looking for cost-effictive, it's probably cheaper to buy a N810 with GPS on board.
> also difficult for me. Thus, I gave up. Next, Skype: I have tried to
> have a phone call or two over wireless, but with mixed luck, sometimes
> too slow, sometimes alright.

...and this is the fault of the device why?. It's like complaining
about a car because a certain lane on a highway is too slow.

> So, all in all, what do people use their Nokias for and are they happy
> with the overall usability of the apps and their documentation? Or am I
> just being lazy and giving up easily?

Yes. You should get a hobby or another "distraction". Clearly the N800
is a very bad toy.


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