[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 6 18:57:07 EET 2009
My complaints notwithstanding, I use my N800 constantly.

* I'm only halfway through my gpe contacts list correcting the import
errors, but I'm already relying heavily on it for that.

* I finally shoved my reservations aside and have started using Google
Calendar to do my time planning. That has worked out very well, so
I've also started using the gpe Calendar for offline access to the
same information. It works pretty well, but the color scheme is pretty
ghastly and hard to read when using a dark Hildon theme such as NCARS.
Erminig makes syncing remarkably quick and painless (at least for me).

* I constantly use my bluetooth GPSr and Roadmap, Maps, and Maemo
Mapper (in that order) for finding my way in addition to some other
GPS tools such as GPXView and geopoi to do geocaching, for which the
correctness of street data is pretty much irrelevant. I used my
ancient Garmin GPS III+ to map my neighborhood on OSM long before the
tablets came out, so don't have a lot to do with OSM any more, but I
have used my N800 to map a hiking trail in Rocky Mountain National

* Media Player - I use the built-in Media Player for audio, and
MPlayer for video. I've ripped a couple of DVDs and the entire Firefly
series with satisfactory but not perfect results.

* Games - I'm addicted to AisleRiot Solitaire, but have sudoku, chess,
Pingus, Xword and a number of other games that help to pass the time
on the buss or plane.

* Alarm Clock while travelling - it's reliable and useful for this,
and means one less bit of gear to carry around in my kit. Dali Clock
and mClock can be useful for those times when I need to be very
mindful of the time and there's no wall clock handy. (I completely
stopped wearing a wristwatch about 18 months ago because my cell phone
keeps just as good time and doesn't have to be reset for time zone

* Leafpad is great for creating/editing plain text files that I want
to be portable to Windows or any other machine with any OS.

* Gnumeric Spreadsheet.

* PDF reader for ebooks and all manner of pdf files. I have FBReader
installed, but have never used it.

* I'm experimenting with Pyrecipe and Gourmet Recipe Manager. I have
word processing documents scattered about several different storage
devices and it would be nice to have them all together in a searchable
and handy place. Not being able to print is a considerable
shortcoming, though.

* OMWeather is very handing for planning my mode of commute to work
and recreation, etc. It also gives me quick access to what's going on
in other places.

* I don't find the Web browsing to be nearly as slow or problematic as
some others have mentioned. I never use an offline email app with the
tablet - I just access gmail through the browser (and google's
calendar as well) and am very happy with that aspect of my tablet. I
do wish that the browser supported Firefox extensions, though. This is
the one area where I think the tablet really shines. I do have to use
the zoom buttons frequently, but they are so accessible and effective
that it's not an issue.

* OpenSSH for root access as well as the occasional access to pine for
checking my work email on the go.

I'm far from being a true "hacker", since I can't do any of the
programming, but I am definitely a "power user" and do pretty much
everything *but* programming. My primary OS at home is kubuntu, with
the occasional boot into WinXP for things that I haven't got to work
in Linux yet, such as scanning photos and documents or cleaning my
printer's heads. I have an Eee PC 1000HE on order (I pre-ordered, but
they ran out before they got to me, darn it!), which I will
immediately convert to dual-boot with most of the HDD space going to
kubuntu, and hopefully it will complement my N800, do all the things
that I wish the N800 did, and make my tablet a more positive
experience, since the netbook will alleviate the pressure on the
tablet to do the things that I expected of it.


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