[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Thu Mar 5 23:04:09 EET 2009
Ognen Duzlevski wrote:
> Hello,
> I am curious to find out what people use their Nokias for. If anyone 
> could share their usage patterns, it would be appreciated.
I've both an n800 and n810. 

    * Initially, I bought the n800 for use as an internet phone while
      traveling. Still use it occasionally with Gizmo Project.
    * Checking mail and simple replies while sitting in bed, or
      traveling -- using Claws.
    * Checking gmail with the built-in mailer.  
    * RSS of various news and blogs plus linking to the web for actual
      articles. Undoubtably my #1 use.
    * Simple puzzle games and solitaire to keep my mind sharp.  I've
      tried various arcade games, but I guess I'm beyond them these days
      (ditto for vid games on computers and xbox 360).
    * Watching 'DVDs' I've converted to mp4s that run on the n8x0
      series.   Typically, I'm doing this while waiting at airports,
      stuck in US border crossing, waiting rooms, waiting at sports
      events, etc.
    * Watching podcasts of Continuing ed courses. 
    * Moving data from home to work and back via SD (mini or full sized)

What I don't use much

    * n810 nav system. It works, but I've got a dedicated unit for the
      car that is much easier to use AND doesn't require any additional
      expense.  I was hoping the GPS system would help me while
      wandering around the sidewalks of San Fran a couple weeks ago
      during a visit.  I found it pretty useless in helping me find my
      way around. 
    * Arcade games. The Ipod Touch is way better with much better games.  
    * Streaming video from You Tube, etc -- it's just a notch too slow
      to stream and display without being choppy, although some of that
      may be my home bandwidth limitations. It's fine for  displaying
      download videos.
    * Camera.  But then I don't use my cell camera much either.  I'm
      more of a serious photographer type.  If I need a picture, I'll
      get out one of my real cameras. 
    * Music -- too bulky for use as MP3 player.  I typically don't
      listen to music that much -- audiobooks from the library -- yes. 
      I've got a dedicated Sansa 8G player that plays both wmv and mp3

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