[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Jean-Christian de Rivaz jc at eclis.ch
Date: Fri Mar 6 19:49:28 EET 2009
Ognen Duzlevski a écrit :
> Hello,
> I am curious to find out what people use their Nokias for. If anyone 
> could share their usage patterns, it would be appreciated.


I own a N770. a N800 and a N810. I use a Nokia 6600 Slide for call, SMS, 
photo, agenda and modem. I hope that the next internet Tablet will make 
the use of the phone obsolete. I alway carry the N810 with me. My usage 
is for:

- Browsing the Internet, even if the amount of ads in more and more 
sites make it barely usable. I found hard to open a link in a new tab (I 
like to do so). Script execution should be stoppable easily from the 
interface because some site abuse of it and it's painful to wait the 
dialog that propose to stop the script. On reasonable sites, it work 
very well and make it a far more useful tool than the browsers of the phone.

- Playing music. One of the task that work the best.

- Taking notes using Maemopad+. I found the concept useful but need more 
work. Saving more than a dozen of nodes are too slow. I like the way it 
can save the result into HTML page.

- Connecting to other computers with SSH to make remote work. For me 
this is the most productive feature of the N810. Having a xterm by 
default is sweet.

- Reading PDF document. Very good result. I suggest to keep the last 
horizontal position of the page when passing one page to an other in 
zoom mode, because many documents have small font and large space on the 
left of the text.

- I use MaemoMapper with the internet GPS when I don't have a bluetooth 
GPS with me. The result with the internal GPS is very frustrating 
comparing to the result with the external one in the same condition. 
Switching from the external to the internal GPS is absolutely a 
nightmare (sometime it work only after a full reboot). Using real map is 
  an excellent feature of MaemoMapper with his ability to store them for 
reuse. I never success using point of interest. The auto-center mode is 
too easily to disable compared to to operation the enable it (require 
the menu or the keyboard). The GPS fix should be indicated into the GPS 
info box instead of a system message, because it can stay for long time 
(especially with the internal GPS). The AGPS should work out of the box.

- Programming some python script. Sadly, i found no small code editor 
that is comfortable in text mode (vi is ok, but I am not a big fan of 
it). Too many of them use the CTRL key that it so painful to use, even 
with the toolbar in the xterm. I tested pygtkeditor but found it too 
slow as file get bigger. I hope that one day it would be possible to 
have a native GCC on the tablet, so I could program in C.

- Transfer files from my phone using bluetooth. This work great and is 
very useful.

- Transfer file with my computer using bluetooth work, but file browsing 
is not available. This require to use rsync or the SD card. I have 
tested to use the N810 as a USB storage, but I ended too often with a 
corrupted file system, so I don't use this feature any more.

- Showing photos to others. This work and the images are superb thank to 
the quality of the screen. The default application is half finished. I 
prefer to use Quiver.

- Making Skype call. I found it usable only using a Wifi link, with very 
good result.

- Playing video. it work, but the experience is not comfortable. There 
is too many stall while using the interface. The time adjustment is very 
too small to be useful when the video is long as is a normal movie.

- Playing some games. The comfort is very different from one game to an 
other. The games that follow the GUI concept of the tablet are great. 
The others are less. Some to the point that there are not very usable.

- Installing and updating application is too easily broken. Nokia should 
  provide a real central repository like every distribution does and 
should find a way to get ride of the stupid legal box that pop up for 
every package that is not from Nokia. The refresh of the application 
list take too long and don't remember the position after an operation. I 
use Debian on my computers and I found it far more easy to update and 
install applications. I hope that the tablet will have a so good 
application as is synaptic.

- I have tryed to use the default mail client, but it is too buggy to be 
usable. I tested claws-mail with some success, but the interface require 
too much learning to be safe with. It is not appropriate for taking last 
messages of very large IMAP folders.

Overall, I found the N810 investment a good decision for my use. One of 
my soon like to use the N800 now that I have the N810. he use it to play 
music, movie, game and viewing photos since it have 2 year old. I can 
say that small child have no problem using an tablet. The N770 have no 
use anymore as it can only run old early applications that are too 
frustrating to use.

I will certainly but the next tablet, as it seem to have an integrated 
3G link, a high resolution camera and a even more comfortable interface. 
It will make my phone obsolete if I can make phone call, SMS and have a 
good agenda.

The concept is good, the hardware too. I think that the most opportunity 
to progress is in the usability of the applications. Too much small bugs 
or frustrating interface prevent to make the current tablet enjoyable 
for people that don't have some technical orientation justifiable giving 
the price point and the growing concurrence of similar devices in that 
market. It seem that others manufacturers get bigger market share 
because there devices are usable as a phone and are sold by any phone 
operators, with all the advertisement that come with.

Best regards,
Jean-Christian de Rivaz

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