[maemo-users] sync with google calendar?

From: Laura Conrad sunny at laymusic.org
Date: Sat Mar 7 00:19:54 EET 2009
>>>>> "Laura" == Laura Conrad <sunny at laymusic.org> writes:

    Laura> I think you're right, but I can't see how to fix it.  My
    Laura> password begins with a lower-case letter, and no matter how
    Laura> I enter it, the /home/user/.erminig.conf file has it with a
    Laura> capital letter.

I kludged it -- I entered another character before the first one, and
then deleted that one, so now the first character is lower case.  

So now it's syncing, but I can't find a place to say I want to see
evening events in the day view, and the time zone is wrong (probably
UTC), so my appointment for 8 PM on Monday is showing up as 1 AM on

I believe I can fix or work around all these things eventually, but I
wouldn't describe this application (or two applications) as "usable
out of the box".

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