[maemo-users] sync with google calendar?

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 7 03:09:15 EET 2009
On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 2:43 PM, Laura Conrad <sunny at laymusic.org> wrote:
>>>>>> "Mark" == Mark  <wolfmane at gmail.com> writes:
>>>>>> "lakestevensdental" == lakestevensdental
>>>>>> <lakestevensdental at verizon.net> writes:
>    lakestevensdental> Erming Google/GPE calendar works fine for me
>    lakestevensdental> with OS 5.2008.43.7 on both the n810 and n800.
>    lakestevensdental> So there must be something funky with setup
>    lakestevensdental> somewhere to make it not work.
> I think you're right, but I can't see how to fix it.  My password
> begins with a lower-case letter, and no matter how I enter it, the
> /home/user/.erminig.conf file has it with a capital letter.   So of
> course google thinks that's wrong.  (The email address also starts
> with a capital letter, but I assume that isn't a problem.)

Ah, now I remember... that's the same problem I had. It is due to a
feature/bug with the onscreen keyboard where it always wants to
capitalize the first letter of every entry "for you". It seems to be
aware of MicroB and doesn't do that for Web logins, but does for text
entry in most other intstalled apps. You can turn it off when the
keyboard is active by clicking the bottom left key (settings), then
Tools->Settings->Languages tab->Settings button. Then you have access
to some other settings as well, but the one in question is at the top:
you want to un-check "Auto-capitalization".


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