[maemo-users] Installing packages onto /media/...

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Mon Mar 9 02:31:47 EET 2009
I have a nicely-running N800, but the apps I use are taking up most of 
the internal space. I want to add a couple of big ones (TeX is one) and 
I have plenty of space on SD cards. Is there a command for package 
installation that says, in effect, "install this all in /media/foo/bar 
and symlink it back to where you would normally have installed it"? Or 
some other way? I guess if I knew how to view the inside of a package I 
could work out where all the big stuff is expecting to go, and create 
symlinks in those places to the SD cards...or would that make the 
installer spit blood when it finds that symlinks exist where it expected 
to create new directories?


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