[maemo-users] Installing packages onto /media/...

From: Dmitry S. Makovey dimon at makovey.net
Date: Mon Mar 9 06:05:10 EET 2009
Peter Flynn wrote:
> I have a nicely-running N800, but the apps I use are taking up most of 
> the internal space. I want to add a couple of big ones (TeX is one) and 
> I have plenty of space on SD cards. Is there a command for package 
> installation that says, in effect, "install this all in /media/foo/bar 
> and symlink it back to where you would normally have installed it"? Or 
> some other way? I guess if I knew how to view the inside of a package I 
> could work out where all the big stuff is expecting to go, and create 
> symlinks in those places to the SD cards...or would that make the 
> installer spit blood when it finds that symlinks exist where it expected 
> to create new directories?
didn't look into it myself but I think if you find a way to bolt-on
unionFS (http://www.filesystems.org/project-unionfs.html) you can
achieve that - have a "base" system on built-in flash and the rest on SD
or whatever else you feel like. EeePC does that out-of-the box, and I
think it's a darn good idea - having stable OS underneath and having
easy roll-back plan (just wipe FS stacked on top of "base"). Good luck
with your search :)

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