[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Mon Mar 9 20:29:08 EET 2009
Fernando Cassia wrote:
> A couple points:
> 1. Apple makes proprietary, closed solutions. Try to reverse engineer
> Apple´s firmware for compatibility reasons and you´ll see Apple
> lawyers coming to get you.
They've found there's a broad end-user market for stuff that meets a 
certain ease of use and reliability standards.  Go figure. 
> 2. Apple makes expensive, not cheap, hardware.
See above.
> 3. Apple does not support Free Software in general
> (if you know any Apple software released under the GNU GPL Free
> Software license, let me know)
> that puts it at odds with the N8xx tablets Linux OS foundation.
See above.  Also, at least for the Ipod and Iphones, lots of 
applications are inexpensive, many less than $10 -- a couple Starbucks.  
The market appears to find low cost functional software beneficial.  
Lots of folks are willing to pay a little for software developers to 
fill their market with a wide variety of software.  Go figure.
> 4. Apple continues pretending Linux doesn´t exist (Quicktime for Linux, anyone).
And MS doesn't provide DirectX 10 for Linux either so more games and 
graphics apps would be Linux compatible.  Big surprise there.  It's as 
if the proprietary world has figured out the Linux world isn't organized 
enough to cooperate together to develop an open source version for these 
important niches. 
> 5. Apple charges an arm and a leg for software upgrades
See above.
> 6. Apple doesn´t like people tinkering with its OS.
See above
> 7. Apple is just a Microsoft with a sense of style.
> There´s plenty of "not invented here syndrome", like Microsoft does
> with WMV, Apple does with Quicktime. Why not embrace OpenOffice.org?
> Not invented at Apple, so it must suck, right?.
See above.
> I wouldn´t buy any device from Apple corp. FC

Good luck carrying that non-Apple albatross around your neck...  It's 
not like there's nothing to learn from the successful.

Always, Fred C

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