[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: kenneth marken kemarken at broadpark.no
Date: Mon Mar 9 20:59:33 EET 2009
lakestevensdental wrote:
> Fernando Cassia wrote:
>> A couple points:
>> 1. Apple makes proprietary, closed solutions. Try to reverse engineer
>> Apple´s firmware for compatibility reasons and you´ll see Apple
>> lawyers coming to get you.
> They've found there's a broad end-user market for stuff that meets a 
> certain ease of use and reliability standards.  Go figure. 
>> 2. Apple makes expensive, not cheap, hardware.
> See above.
>> 3. Apple does not support Free Software in general
>> (if you know any Apple software released under the GNU GPL Free
>> Software license, let me know)
>> that puts it at odds with the N8xx tablets Linux OS foundation.
> See above.  Also, at least for the Ipod and Iphones, lots of 
> applications are inexpensive, many less than $10 -- a couple Starbucks.  
> The market appears to find low cost functional software beneficial.  
> Lots of folks are willing to pay a little for software developers to 
> fill their market with a wide variety of software.  Go figure.
>> 4. Apple continues pretending Linux doesn´t exist (Quicktime for Linux, anyone).
> And MS doesn't provide DirectX 10 for Linux either so more games and 
> graphics apps would be Linux compatible.  Big surprise there.  It's as 
> if the proprietary world has figured out the Linux world isn't organized 
> enough to cooperate together to develop an open source version for these 
> important niches. 
>> 5. Apple charges an arm and a leg for software upgrades
> See above.
>> 6. Apple doesn´t like people tinkering with its OS.
> See above
>> 7. Apple is just a Microsoft with a sense of style.
>> There´s plenty of "not invented here syndrome", like Microsoft does
>> with WMV, Apple does with Quicktime. Why not embrace OpenOffice.org?
>> Not invented at Apple, so it must suck, right?.
> See above.
>> I wouldn´t buy any device from Apple corp. FC
> Good luck carrying that non-Apple albatross around your neck...  It's 
> not like there's nothing to learn from the successful.
heh, one thing one can learn for sure, is that playing on peoples vanity 
provides a whole lot of free publicity...

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