[maemo-users] FYI - dot tel domain = contact info in DNS

From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Tue Mar 24 02:57:47 EET 2009
how did you actually buy the name - I thought it was not open for sale
until tomorrow ...

The data is stored within the dns and is apparently accessible from
any device.  I like the mobile readiness of .tel but will need to see
how it will work with existing systems.  The notion of a universal
contact card (which is really what this is) has been tried with other
services  - Plaxo comes to mind - but this much more straight forward.
 yourname.tel from anywhere gives you one-click communication access
through the channel of your choice.

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 8:33 PM, Andrew Daviel <advax at triumf.ca> wrote:
> I spent the departmental doughnut budget on a .tel domain, thinking it
> would be a good idea. Maybe it will. I guess it depends how many people
> get on board, as usual.
> The .tel root servers are visible, and one can query them, but the
> delegation is missing. Unless I misunderstood and that's deliberate
> $ host -a yahoo.tel a0.cth.dns.nic.tel.
> yahoo.tel.              60      IN      TXT     ".tsm" "1" "pddx" "1"
> yahoo.tel.              60      IN      NAPTR   1 1 "u" "E2U+web:http" "!^.*$!http://www.yahoo.tel!" .
> I feel I was somewhat misled by Network Solutions. I thought it was going
> to be another TLD like .org, .info etc. with a normal Web page.
> But no - it's a way of putting contact information into the DNS so it can be
> easily parsed by lightweight clients in cellphones etc. It seems to be
> aimed at the mobile generation for personal use (central repo for
> AIM/jabber/cell/email etc.), but also for businesses.
> https://telhosting.networksolutions.com/vfs/pdf/telguide.pdf
> http://dev.telnic.org
> I've managed to enter a few basic things in triumf.tel
> As to what this has to do with Maemo, one of the contact fields is a
> GPS* location
> Also there is an API and development community. So far, tools for iPhone,
> Outlook. I only looked briefly but I think the intent is that you can
> update information dynamically using the API. Otherwise there is a wizard
> at telnic.org that updates the DNS in what seems like real time.
> TTL is set to 1 hour, negative caching to 10 minutes.
> (* using "GPS" as my cellular carrier seems to now, as a
> shorthand for "geographic location in WGS84 coordinates" rather than
> "Global Positioning System").
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