[maemo-users] Fuelpad: first impressions

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Tue Mar 24 22:50:44 EET 2009
To add to Marius' impressions:


There are two basic calculation methods for fuel mileage programs:


.         Use the odometer

.         Use miles travelled (no odometer)


I like the latter because there are many occasions when I don't calculate
fuel (for whatever reason).  Thus, calculating based upon how many miles I
drive on a tank divided by how many gallons I put in the tank gives me a
good MPG.


Fuelpad  will do this but it's a workaround, e.g. you have to put the miles
traveled in both mileage blocks and it will accurately provide you with your
MPG for that tank.  What it doesn't do, using this method, is give your
average MPG since overall distance is your odometer reading from which
Fuelpad automatically calculates distance (trip) from last fuel.  Since
overall MPG doesn't properly calculate using this method, I turn off
information.  What I would like to see is either/or, e.g. either use
odometer and calculate distance (trip) or have the option to only enter
miles travelled.  This way it doesn't matter whether or not I miss entering
data for a trip and those who do use the odometer method will still be


When entering data, it would be nice if Fuelpad would automatically go to
the last entry versus having to scroll down to the last entry.


I like the settings - well laid out and functional.  I also like the ability
to select what columns you want to display.  Very nice.   I like the ability
to define where the database file will be stored (although I accept the
default) and I like the auto save feature.  Again, very nice!  


In comparison to Car Mileage Calculator, it has fewer bells and whistles but
Car Mileage Calculator only calculates using the odometer method.  You can
enter a record that is out of sync with regards to the odometer but that
means that fill up record will not be included until the next fill up.  For
example, when the odometer reads 21000 but I don't miss a few tanks (it
happens) and the next time I fuel up the odometer reads 21600.  Ok, so I
start again but that new record won't be used until the next fill-up
(example, fill up at 22000 with 14 gallons - that record won't be used until
the next fill up as I've basically started a new set).  So, in essence, the
average will always be off (unless you never miss an entry).





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