[maemo-users] Odd SD Card Experience

From: Michael.Conklin131 at gmail.com Michael.Conklin131 at gmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 25 20:57:09 EET 2009
Perhaps some of you with more understanding of SD cards can explain my  
experience yesterday.
I have an N800 with a 2GB SD card in the internal slot and an 8GB SD card  
in the removeable slot.

I wanted to copy a Beethoven symphony mp3 from my Windows laptop to my N800.

First, (forgetting how to hook my N800 up to the computer) I simply plugged  
in the USB cable. This gave me a message indicating that USB connections  
were unavailable because my memory cards were in use. So I unplugged it.

Then, using USB Control set to host mode I connected a flash drive with the  
symphony on it. I copied the folder and mp3 to the appropriate place on my  
removeable SD card.

Then I clicked on the USB symbol and closed down the flash drive.

When I went back to media player it showed nothing in my library. I went  
into file manager, found my music files and clicked on the symphony and it  
Then I turned my attention to trying to get the library to show all my  
content. I read how media player scans the SD cards for media when it  
starts up, so I thought a reboot might be in order.

Well then the fun started. On reboot I got the message that my memory card  
was corrupted, pressing repair failed. I tried going in through File  
Manager and nothing was available, and the odd thing was nothing was  
available on EITHER card. Both returned corrupted card messages. Now I  
really started to panic (mostly due to my Claws email store on one of the  
cards and my easy debian image that was customized). So I downloaded a  
scanning and repair program on my PC to see if I could recover the files  
before I reformatted the cards. The PC would not recognized the card in the  
card reader but the scanning program found it as "unmounted" and scanned  
it, finding boatloads of files, mostly deleted files. All this happened at  
an airport and my plane was leaving so I decided to stop what I was doing  
and start again today. I shut off the N800.

This morning, I turned it on, planning to simply surf the web for a few  
minutes before I went to work on restoring the files on the SD cards. Much  
to my surprise, everything worked fine, both SD cards were visible,  
accessible and the removeable one even included the new Beethoven symphony.

Any ideas on what happened? I sure would hate to go to the trouble of  
reformatting everything in the future if these types of glitches "just  
happen" from time to time.

Thanks for any input.

Michael Conklin
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