[maemo-users] command-line for Bluetooth copy ?

From: Qole qole.tablet at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 27 00:34:43 EET 2009
There's a thread on ITT about this:

*Bridging multiple tablets with bluetooth?*

There are some command line examples and some other information.

Many of us would love a developer to build a GUI bluebooth PAN setup that
would allow users to set up a bluetooth PAN network even when there's no
WiFi around.

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 12:35 PM, Gary <gary at eyetraxx.net> wrote:

> The whole point of using Bluetooth is that neither device need be
> connected to a wireless LAN, Internet or no. If you're going to go
> through the trouble of setting up ad hoc wireless connections then
> you're taking a lot of extra time to do the same thing that Bluetooth
> does for your automatically so pick one or the other. I haven't tried it
> but if Bluetooth assigns each device an IP address, what prevents one
> from using scp? If that's not possible, has anyone made an ObexFTP
> package for mameo? It would simplify things considerably if scp is not
> an option... http://dev.zuckschwerdt.org/openobex/wiki/ObexFtp
> Also, if the original poster is already asking for command line tools,
> why's there a problem with finding IP addresses from the same command
> line you've already opened for said file transfers?
> -Gary
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