[maemo-users] command-line for Bluetooth copy ?

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Thu Mar 26 21:35:40 EET 2009
The whole point of using Bluetooth is that neither device need be
connected to a wireless LAN, Internet or no. If you're going to go
through the trouble of setting up ad hoc wireless connections then
you're taking a lot of extra time to do the same thing that Bluetooth
does for your automatically so pick one or the other. I haven't tried it
but if Bluetooth assigns each device an IP address, what prevents one
from using scp? If that's not possible, has anyone made an ObexFTP
package for mameo? It would simplify things considerably if scp is not
an option... http://dev.zuckschwerdt.org/openobex/wiki/ObexFtp

Also, if the original poster is already asking for command line tools,
why's there a problem with finding IP addresses from the same command
line you've already opened for said file transfers?


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