[maemo-users] pdf reading?

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Sun May 24 23:50:36 EEST 2009
Laura Conrad wrote:
>     Marius> If you're reading in full-screen mode, you can also press
>     Marius> the area on the middle of the right side of the screen.
>     Marius> There are translucent buttons that show up when you display
>     Marius> a new page and then fade out, to give you a hint of where to
>     Marius> press.  They work even when invisible.

Do these exist in the PDF Reader on the N800? I opened a document the 
other day and zoomed in a bit (eyesight isn't what it used to be :-) and 
two left and right triangles appeared, but when I dragged the page 
around the screen, they vanished.

Nevertheless, the << and >> buttons on the top of the device scroll 
sideways to the edge of the page, and then one more press goes to the 
next page. But as with yours, the geometry repositions the page in the 
window instead of honouring the offset that you established on the 
previous page.

This seems to be a design misperception: it also existed for many years 
on a number of PostScript and DVI and (desktop) PDF readers, but was 
eventually tracked down and removed because of user complaints.

> I fiddled with this.  When they're visible, they do the "wrong thing".

Usability is about doing the "right thing", and it's really hard to guess.

> Still not as good for reading in bed as what FBReader
> does with the +/- rocker switch on top, but at least you can imagine
> reading a (short) book that way.

What missing on mine is being able to rotate the display 90 degrees so 
that you can read a page in portrait orientation. I *hate* having to 
flip up and down to see the missing half of a page.

But this will only work "right" when we start to use reflowable PDFs, 
where the text within paragraph-level objects re-linebreaks itself 
according to the width of the window, like a HTML browser does. That 
brings its own set of problems (math, multiple columns) but at least for 
normal continuous text it would solve a lot of the current difficulties.


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