[maemo-users] pdf reading?

From: Laura Conrad sunny at laymusic.org
Date: Mon May 25 00:13:21 EEST 2009
>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Flynn <peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie> writes:

    Peter> Laura Conrad wrote:
    Marius> If you're reading in full-screen mode, you can also press
    Marius> the area on the middle of the right side of the screen.
    Marius> There are translucent buttons that show up when you display
    Marius> a new page and then fade out, to give you a hint of where to
    Marius> press.  They work even when invisible.

    Peter> Do these exist in the PDF Reader on the N800? I opened a
    Peter> document the other day and zoomed in a bit (eyesight isn't
    Peter> what it used to be :-) and two left and right triangles
    Peter> appeared, but when I dragged the page around the screen, they
    Peter> vanished.

On the 810 they vanish but are still there if you can remember where.
After 10 minutes, I'm getting much better at it.

    Peter> This seems to be a design misperception: it also existed for
    Peter> many years on a number of PostScript and DVI and (desktop)
    Peter> PDF readers, but was eventually tracked down and removed
    Peter> because of user complaints.

Actually, I think they put it back in XPDF.  I'm sure it wasn't there a
year ago, but is now on Ubuntu 9.04.  But I may not have found the right

    >> Still not as good for reading in bed as what FBReader
    >> does with the +/- rocker switch on top, but at least you can imagine
    >> reading a (short) book that way.

    Peter> What missing on mine is being able to rotate the display 90
    Peter> degrees so that you can read a page in portrait
    Peter> orientation. I *hate* having to flip up and down to see the
    Peter> missing half of a page.

Can't you do that at the OS level?

I can't imagine being able to read a normal page of text on a screen the
size of the 8x0, so I haven't even tried, although I do this when I'm
reading PDF's on the laptop.

    Peter> But this will only work "right" when we start to use
    Peter> reflowable PDFs, where the text within paragraph-level
    Peter> objects re-linebreaks itself according to the width of the
    Peter> window, like a HTML browser does. That brings its own set of
    Peter> problems (math, multiple columns) but at least for normal
    Peter> continuous text it would solve a lot of the current
    Peter> difficulties.

Or convincing the people who send you ebooks to send html or equivalent
instead of PDF.  I have the packet for Hugo award voters, which I was
really looking forward to, but most of the ones I didn't already have
are PDF's.  Hence my desire to get the 810 reader working.  I'm doing
better than I would have expected.  

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