[maemo-users] Displaying N810 Apps on a PC Connected to N810 via ssh

From: Harri Haataja realblades at gmail.com
Date: Fri Sep 4 12:19:40 EEST 2009
2009/8/21 R. A. Bilonick <rab at consolidated.net>:
> I can connect to my N810 using:
>> ssh -X -C user at
> But when I try to run the browser:
>> browser &
> the browser opens on the N810, not the PC (which is running Ubuntu
> 9.04). In the ssh_config, I have X forwarding enabled. How can I get the
> apps to display on the PC, not the N810?

You could try ssh -v ... and see if the verbose output contains notes
about what happened with negotiating X forwarding. See also what
$DISPLAY is set to within the ssh session (shell). xdpyinfo in the
session should give information about the current display (device's or
PC's) so you can use that to test the forwarding better than some
insanely elaborate scheme like the browser.

xauth command missing is a common cause for broken forwarding. It
might just be stupidity with dbus and launching mess and running
browser actually doesn't, it just gets the device to wake one up. It
might just be "Not supported".

I appear to be temporarily using gmail's horrible interface. I
apologise for any failure in my part in trying to make it do the right
thing with post formatting.
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