[maemo-users] Displaying N810 Apps on a PC Connected to N810 via ssh

From: Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Date: Fri Sep 4 16:36:34 EEST 2009
you could try vnc - works great

On Fri, 4 Sep 2009, Harri Haataja wrote:

> 2009/8/21 R. A. Bilonick <rab at consolidated.net>:
> > I can connect to my N810 using:
> >> ssh -X -C user at
> > But when I try to run the browser:
> >> browser &
> > the browser opens on the N810, not the PC (which is running Ubuntu
> > 9.04). In the ssh_config, I have X forwarding enabled. How can I get the
> > apps to display on the PC, not the N810?
> You could try ssh -v ... and see if the verbose output contains notes
> about what happened with negotiating X forwarding. See also what
> $DISPLAY is set to within the ssh session (shell). xdpyinfo in the
> session should give information about the current display (device's or
> PC's) so you can use that to test the forwarding better than some
> insanely elaborate scheme like the browser.
> xauth command missing is a common cause for broken forwarding. It
> might just be stupidity with dbus and launching mess and running
> browser actually doesn't, it just gets the device to wake one up. It
> might just be "Not supported".
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