[maemo-users] Proxies

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Mon Sep 14 21:00:18 EEST 2009
Attila Csipa wrote:
> There are such proxies - for example SOCKS proxies are pretty protocol 
> agnostic as they work on the socket level.

True, SOCKS works at the session layer (5) of the OSI model. But apps
have to be written to allow it usage. OS X has an option in the network
preferences where you can manually specify proxy settings for HTTP,
HTTPS, RTSP, FTP, SOCKS, and a couple of others -- in addition to
support auto-config with a .PAC file. SSH can be proxied with a client
side app called corkscrew and the ProxyCommand setting in an SSH config
file. As for the rest, most IM apps I've used in desktop Linux have
proxy settings but whether those features have made it over to the maemo
ports is up to the package maintainer. But if you can SSH somewhere
else, it's possible to forward ports forward and backwards across the
tunnel so that may provide some other options as well.

As for Skype on Linux,  I can't remember if the mameo client is based on
the 2.1 beta or the older 1.x branch -- I'm pretty sure it's not the 3.0
MID port. Either one ought to let you edit the shared.xml files to enter
basic proxy settings. If you have to authenticate to your proxy server,
see this thread for a suggestion that might help;

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