[maemo-users] IDEA: make N800 emulate a USB CD-ROM, possible? yes/no?

From: Fernando Cassia fcassia at gmail.com
Date: Mon Sep 14 22:35:16 EEST 2009
Hi there,

Once upon a while, I have a crazy idea.... and this time I think this
one is good...

Here´s it: create some software that would make the N800 impersonate a

I really really really hate having to burn CDs and DVD-Rs to test new
linux versions.
If I could just download the ISO images to from my N800 and then
enable some software that
takes control of the USB port and impersonates a CD-ROM accesing the
contents of .iso (iso 9660) images on one of the SD cards, it would be

There is a Palm OS software that is VERY close to what I want:
"Softick Card Export" for Palm OS... it takes control of the Treo /
Centro USB port and fakes a "USB MASS STORAGE" (pen drive, thumb
drive, card reader call it whatever you want)  to the PC connected to
it, so the PC side thinks it has a pen drive plugged in, while in fact
it´s a "virtual" USB Mass Storage device done in software on the
PalmOS side, which reads contents of internal memory and maps it as a
usb drive. Of course this ovverrides the USB device ID sent by the
Palm OS (otherwise the PC side detects it as what it is, a phone).

Well, I envision a Nxx piece of software could do the same....
mounting iso9660 cd images and faking a USB CD/DVD-rom unit to the USB

How difficult would it be to implement this? any volunteers?.

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