[maemo-users] USB keyboard and Nokia N 810 (and Alphasmart Neo as a USB keyboard)

From: Jim Craven jimcraven at zoomtown.com
Date: Sat Jun 5 19:09:21 EEST 2010
I, too, have successfully used a regular USB keyboard as described below, 
but with my Nokia N800.

I would love to use my Alphasmart Neo as a USB keyboard with my Nokia N800, 
but it is not recognized by the N800.
I have tried both the usb-otg-plugin and USB Control.

The Neo is a simple text word processor that can be plugged into another 
computer's USB port and the Neo's text file
is "sent" to the other computer's open application like MS Word, email, etc. 
While the Neo is attached to the other computer,
the Neo also acts as a USB keyboard.

The Neo works great as a USB keyboard with my Windows PC. Based on web 
searches, it apparently works with most
Linux machines, too. I have found instances where one other person has tried 
(unsuccessfully) to get the Neo to talk with the

Does anyone have any ideas on getting the Neo to work with the N800 as a USB 

Jim Craven

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> From: Luca Olivetti <luca at ventoso.org>
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> Al 04/06/10 11:06, En/na COURTAUD Didier ha escrit:
>> Hello all
>> Is it possible to connect and use a USB keyboard to the Nokia N 810
>> using its mini-USB adapter ?
> yes
> http://wiki.maemo.org/USB_host_mode
> Bye
> -- 
> Luca

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