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From: Nick Ingham nickinghamster at googlemail.com
Date: Fri Nov 5 21:01:34 EET 2010
Help please to sort out my N900. It may be that the problem is as simple as
the resolution of the following to error messages (which are presumably
related).Following the latest firmware update (which is to say having been
USBd to my PC and disconnected without the proper safe procedure ...) the
N900 (which otherwise seems fine) downloaded two small apps but thn refused
to download anything further saying that it has 'insufficient memory' and to
uninstall applications to free memory. the first claim isn't true and the
uninstallation makes no difference. There is a second, intermittent, error
message which says that the memory is read only and which suggests
re-attaching the phone to the PC.This seems to have no effect at all. the
long and short of it may therefore be the question of how to repair the
memory. (And perhaps for me to be more disciplinedin detaching the USB cable
in future.

There have however  several difficulties, some of my making, some of
 Nokia's. I downloaded Hide user Agent and asked the phone to report as
Android. This just before a Nokia person persuaded me to re-install the
software thereby wiping out all third-part apps. Since then I have been
quite unable to find - never mind download - HUA despite having the
extras-devel repos in app manager. Not sure if this matters although I
suspect it bars me from Ovi Store.

Any help with these things would come as a great relief to my poor befuddled

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