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From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Fri Nov 5 21:09:32 EET 2010
Well, there are a lot of different things that could be going on and since
everyone's phone is likely to have different things installed, it is hard to
come up with a general recommendation, but that said, let me suggest a few

Do you have OpenSSH installed?  It is typically the first thing I install on
my N900.  It allows you to connect to your N900 from another computer, so
you have a full keyboard and screen to use when you are trying to figure
things out.  This makes it much easier to figure out what is going on.

If not, do you have rootsh installed?  It will allow you to get root
privileges from the Xterminal screen if that is all you have.

I'm a command line sort of guy, so I would start off by checking various
things on the command line:

First, if you have root access, do an    apt-get clean      This may get
read of some old files that are laying around.  You can also try   apt-get
autoclean     or    apt-get autoremove

If these work, you may be okay.  If not, there are a few problems you might
run into.  It might be that you aren't doing it as root, and it will give
you an error.  You might also have the application manager trying to do
things, in which case it will give you a message about being unable to lock
the administration directory.  Make sure you aren't running the application
manager, and that it has had a bit of time to finish any background tasks.

To see what the status of my file system is, I'd enter   df   to see if
there are any filesystems that are out of space.  I'd also do a    mount
to see if any file systems are mounted read only.

If you find any that are out of space, that is where you're memory problem
is.  If you find a filesystem that is mounted read only, that could also be
your problem.

If you have OpenSSH installed and a linux machine around, you can mount your
N900 as a filesystem on the Linux machine using sshfs.  Lacking that, you
should be able to connect via the USB and the PC Connectivity software and
move files off of your N900.  Personally, I don't use PCs much any more so I
can't really help a lot with that.

If all else fails, you may have to reflash the phone.  In this case, you
probably need to reflash everything to get back to an initial state, instead
of just reflashing the root filesystem which is often done when upgrading.

Perhaps others will have additional ideas.  Hope this helps and good luck.


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  Help please to sort out my N900. It may be that the problem is as simple
as the resolution of the following to error messages (which are presumably
related).Following the latest firmware update (which is to say having been
USBd to my PC and disconnected without the proper safe procedure ...) the
N900 (which otherwise seems fine) downloaded two small apps but thn refused
to download anything further saying that it has 'insufficient memory' and to
uninstall applications to free memory. the first claim isn't true and the
uninstallation makes no difference. There is a second, intermittent, error
message which says that the memory is read only and which suggests
re-attaching the phone to the PC.This seems to have no effect at all. the
long and short of it may therefore be the question of how to repair the
memory. (And perhaps for me to be more disciplinedin detaching the USB cable
in future.

  There have however  several difficulties, some of my making, some of
Nokia's. I downloaded Hide user Agent and asked the phone to report as
Android. This just before a Nokia person persuaded me to re-install the
software thereby wiping out all third-part apps. Since then I have been
quite unable to find - never mind download - HUA despite having the
extras-devel repos in app manager. Not sure if this matters although I
suspect it bars me from Ovi Store.

  Any help with these things would come as a great relief to my poor
befuddled mind.

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