[maemo-users] Firefox4 no automatic internet connection?

From: Michael Rösch maemo at dobiwe.de
Date: Mon Apr 11 13:03:24 EEST 2011
Am 02.04.2011 09:56, schrieb Michael Rösch:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm quite happy with the new Firefox4 on the n900, while one thing I
> find very unpleasent: I have to build up internet connection manually
> because FF won't initiate this like MicroB or Opera does.
> Is there a way to make FF4 behave this way too?
> Cu Michael

Thanks for the tow replies!

I agree, FF4 ist somewhat slower as the stock-browser, but if you
disable the sync as discribed and espacially do not use adblock it is
fairly fast.
I found the ConnectNow-Widget: with it you can quickly switch the
Wifi-Connection via a desktop shotcut, that a quite good workarround I

Have a nice sunday!

CU Michael

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