From: Jose Carlos Bartolome Barahona Carlos.Bartolome at Telefonica.net
Date: Mon Jan 10 20:21:31 EET 2011

I bought a N900 one year ago (dec 2009), since then I have been updating my contacts in the "hands free" phone manager of my car (mercedes), by connecting the phone via bluetooth, deleting all contacts and importing all contacts again, with all the new ones. Since the last update of software of N900 in october, last time I tried to do this I could delete all contacts, but I was not able to import them again. The button in the car is "grey" (you cannot click on that). I have tried different things:
-reset to factory settings the device of the car. it did not work
-import the contacts one by one using the visit card facility. It doesn't work, it says Bluetooth connection error in the N900.
-Ask to someone in maemo.org (Andres Kapler). He is already short of ideas, and told me to ask here.

My phone works ok and I can receive and send calls trough the device of the car while I am there, it connects automatically, and even I can read the list of last calls, sent and received, but I cannot import contacts, and I have been doing so during a full year.

Even I have also problems to connect my N900 via bluetooth to my Nokia booklet. The N900 is recognized but Windows 7 cannot connect, I don't know Why

So, please, if you know something I can do, any help will be welcomed.¡¡¡
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