From: khalid khan khalidreach at rcg.tv
Date: Tue Jan 11 08:17:14 EET 2011
Hi Jose,

I can only suggest that you can try to go settings  & use Transfer & Sync
option if  your car is detecting the N900 already.

Check if your nokia booklet - Nokia PC Suite is been updated with the new
version which supports for windows 7

Khalid Khan

On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 10:21 PM, Jose Carlos Bartolome Barahona <
Carlos.Bartolome at telefonica.net> wrote:

>  Hi¡
> I bought a N900 one year ago (dec 2009), since then I have been updating my
> contacts in the "hands free" phone manager of my car (mercedes), by
> connecting the phone via bluetooth, deleting all contacts and importing all
> contacts again, with all the new ones. Since the last update of software of
> N900 in october, last time I tried to do this I could delete all contacts,
> but I was not able to import them again. The button in the car is "grey"
> (you cannot click on that). I have tried different things:
> -reset to factory settings the device of the car. it did not work
> -import the contacts one by one using the visit card facility. It doesn't
> work, it says Bluetooth connection error in the N900.
> -Ask to someone in maemo.org (Andres Kapler). He is already short of
> ideas, and told me to ask here.
> My phone works ok and I can receive and send calls trough the device of the
> car while I am there, it connects automatically, and even I can read the
> list of last calls, sent and received, but I cannot import contacts, and I
> have been doing so during a full year.
> Even I have also problems to connect my N900 via bluetooth to my Nokia
> booklet. The N900 is recognized but Windows 7 cannot connect, I don't know
> Why
> So, please, if you know something I can do, any help will be welcomed.¡¡¡
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