[maemo-users] Troubles with chrooted Debian

From: Pavel Řezníček cigydd at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jan 15 05:26:46 EET 2012
Dne 5.1.2012 01:41, Paul Hartman napsal(a):
> On 1/4/2012 4:32 PM, Pavel Řezníček wrote:
>> I’d though appreciate if you send me the precompiled kernel module
>> (along with some instructions or web resources how to install it).
> It is attached inside a ZIP file. This module is only for use with stock
> kernel, not power kernel!
> If your card was affected by this bug, hopefully using this module will
> now allow your card to work with no more corruption (after reformat).
Great! Now, after the installation of your fixed kernel module, I run 
Easy Debian without bigger problems! Thank you so much for your help, 
/it really works!/
Even when the N900 gets switched off or reboots accidentally while Easy 
Debian’s filesystem on the card is mounted, the damage to it is always 
so small that it’s fairly repairable, almost with no harm to the data. 
Even my TDK card behaves nicely.
I have the Lazarus IDE compiled and working now :-) I’ve started to port 
my older commercial project to Maemo recently :-)
For those interested: It’s called MiniMU and should serve as a task 
tracking and management on-line binary database client for lift 
servicemen (and eventually grow into a multi-purpose database 
application). I have developed it for my former employer and nowadays I 
continue on the same project on my own, expecting him to buy the new 
part of the work.

But What I noticed during my experiments is that the loop mount support 
is somehow bad. When Easy Debian was mounted from an image file, as I 
started an I/O-intensive or CPU-intensive task such as copying the 
contents of the image to the card, my device almost always ended up in a 
shutdown or reboot and huge filesystem corruption inside the image file. 
Yes, even if I ran /rsync/ with the highest nice level. This is 
something for the power kernel developers to consider and think about. 
(But keep in mind I work with the stock kernel.)

>> Thank you again for your guidance.
> You are welcome, I hope it will solve your problem!
> Thanks,
> Paul
Yes, it really solved my problem! Thank God for such experienced and 
helpful people like you.


function Podpis(): String;
   Jméno('Pavel Řezníček');
   Bydliště('Borová 18', '312 00', 'Plzeň');
   Pracoviště('Korandův sbor', 'Anglické nábřeží 13', '301 00', 'Plzeň');
   Result := 'vývojář a správce sítě';

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