[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Re: Application catalog feature request

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Wed Nov 22 17:16:25 EET 2006

Kothari Devesh (Nokia-TP/Tampere) wrote:
> What I would like is that maemo has a nice place where people can find
> applications, and now the new capability of the application installer,
> makes it possible for single click install. 
> I would request following features from your excellent project :)
> - categorization based on device compatibility
>   - ITOS2006, IT OS 2007
We are going to make a search page where applications can be looked up
based on the:
-OS Version
-Application status (development, stable, etc)
-License type
-Category (games, multimedia, education, religion etc)

> - application catalog page is auto built from many sources
The auto build functionality will not be implemented in Phase 1, unless
we have time, plus some budget left according to the current project
plan. The idea was to finalize the migration this week.

>   - current hand edited info (mostly would be used by single stand alone
> deb packages)
>   - maemo extra repo (based on IT OS edition version)
>   - other configurable 3rd party repos
In theory the "autobuilding" is doable, you only need Debian repository
information. All these are available today.

>   - All sources to clearly indicate origin and disclaimers
Can you elaborate this? What sources do you refer to? If you mean
sources that are in some revision control system then we can only
influence sources in garage. If you mean Debian source packages, then
again we have limited control there. We can give guidelines and perhaps
enforce some of these guidelines at garage, but nowhere else.

> - application catalog is searchable
Yes, this will be implemented. See above.

> - application catalog is able to see relevant changelog section
> (possibly by clicking a link)
It was not planned, and I am afraid it will only be done when we have
the automatic catalog updatig. Do you by the way refer to standard
Debian changelog entries, or something else?

> Best Regards
> Devesh

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