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From: Devesh.Kothari at nokia.com Devesh.Kothari at nokia.com
Date: Thu Nov 23 09:41:33 EET 2006

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>Subject: Re: Application catalog feature request
>Kothari Devesh (Nokia-TP/Tampere) wrote:
>> What I would like is that maemo has a nice place where 
>people can find 
>> applications, and now the new capability of the application 
>> makes it possible for single click install.
>> I would request following features from your excellent project :)
>> - categorization based on device compatibility
>>   - ITOS2006, IT OS 2007
>We are going to make a search page where applications can be 
>looked up based on the:
>-OS Version
>-Application status (development, stable, etc) -License type 
>-Category (games, multimedia, education, religion etc)
>> - application catalog page is auto built from many sources
>The auto build functionality will not be implemented in Phase 
>1, unless we have time, plus some budget left according to the 
>current project plan. The idea was to finalize the migration this week.
>>   - current hand edited info (mostly would be used by single stand 
>> alone deb packages)
>>   - maemo extra repo (based on IT OS edition version)
>>   - other configurable 3rd party repos
>In theory the "autobuilding" is doable, you only need Debian 
>repository information. All these are available today.
>>   - All sources to clearly indicate origin and disclaimers
>Can you elaborate this? What sources do you refer to? If you 
>mean sources that are in some revision control system then we 
>can only influence sources in garage. If you mean Debian 
>source packages, then again we have limited control there. We 
>can give guidelines and perhaps enforce some of these 
>guidelines at garage, but nowhere else.

I meant more like source of origin if not coming from maemo.org repos

>> - application catalog is searchable
>Yes, this will be implemented. See above.
>> - application catalog is able to see relevant changelog section 
>> (possibly by clicking a link)
>It was not planned, and I am afraid it will only be done when 
>we have the automatic catalog updatig. Do you by the way refer 
>to standard Debian changelog entries, or something else?

I don't remember where I read, but I think you can also organize
dedicated changelog repos
Guillem might know more


>> Best Regards
>> Devesh

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