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From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Mon Aug 11 17:13:59 EEST 2008


	Thanks. A simple style-guide would be helpful -- whitespace margins
will be something that needs to be tackled and enforce (re: the
current placement of the new logo on the maemo.org website). 

	The main reason for sending out the (redone, but crappy) GIF logo
was to provide an image that could be placed over any background... Of
course, based on my last email, I hope you know that I thought it was
substandard (as all -- even-if-well-made) transparent GIFs tend to be.
(I've attached an example of the original "smooth" GIF vs. my "chunky"
GIF over a black background to illustrate this.) 

	If it were me, and I was told not to use transparent PNGs, I would
create various logos (JPG or GIF) with the added background color of
every page I created. It's not that hard to do. 

	In any case, I would argue to use PNGs with any of the available PNG
hacks, OR use PNGs and let 

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