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From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Aug 13 16:39:13 EEST 2008


	> Tim de idea was to have the guideline on the wiki :) not a
 > document. 

	Yes, that's what I meant/thought... I just wanted to know if there
was something somewhere (already) or if my statements were correct or
not (which I assumed they were). 

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 Tim de idea was to have the guideline on the wiki :) not a separate
 document. Actually could have a printable version there, but the
main one
 should be the wiki.
 Sorry for not starting this right away. it has been a crazy week :)
 On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 10:25 PM, Tim  wrote:
 > I know that Marcelo and crew are currently developing a style
guide for
 > the new logo (thanks!), but we need to get a "terms of use" page
up on
 > the wiki -- and make it very easy to find. (If there is a single
 > where all of the "rules" are listed, it should be publicized on
 > frontpage.)
 > I'm bringing this up, because I sent this email today, in response
 > someone who wanted to use the maemo.org logo without the ".org"
 > (and, I hope I was correct in what I stated):
 > ===
 > ...you may want to check out the terms of use for the new
 > maemo.org logo. I'm pretty certain that the logo requires that
 > both "maemo" (lowercase) and ".org" be included. This is because a
 > differentiation is being established between maemo.org, the
 > and Maemo (uppercase, no ".org"), the development platform... And,
 > far, the decision is that the Maemo development platform will
*not* have
 > a logo.
 > ===
 > Let me know if this is correct -- and if there's a place I can
 > people.
 > Tim
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