[maemo-community] Community council elections

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Aug 13 19:37:09 EEST 2008

Andrew Flegg wrote:
>> 2. Decide election process, and number of members of community council
> This should already *be* decided on the wiki page: there was a long
> debate and a consensus reached. So your summary is right as far as I'm
> concerned:

Indeed - this is exactly copied from the wiki. The only question was how
the vote would be done (preferential, straight vote, etc). Right now I
favour doing the simplest possible to allow us to have a legitimate
result quickly.

> Only thing I'd say is that the eligibility to vote should be dated not
> from tonight but the date of the start of the voting process? Or, at
> least, as close as possible to it.

OK - I'll take the karma counts from September 2nd.

> I'd say so; getting the council in place before the summit would be
> ideal. The advertising should be officially publicised on maemo-*
> lists and an announcement on maemo.org/news/?

I will announce it tonight, when I take the list of elligible candidates.

> Other community members can pick it up and post it on ITT, Tablet
> Scene, p.m.o as they see fit.



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