[maemo-community] maemo.org redesign

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Oct 8 17:10:25 EEST 2008


	> A few things have dropped off the past few rounds of mock-ups 

	Yes. True. 

	> [snipped a lot]...I still think it's a mistake to have Bugzilla,
wiki, mailing lists on
 > the front page. 

	Well, as I said, I took liberites in choosing these since there is
not a documented list of what _should_ be there. So, let's change 'em!

	Would this area (right sidebar nav-box) be a good place for links
like: "Documentation," "Get Help," "Get Involved," "Community
Resources," etc...? 

     	*Documentation would lead to a page which could filter the
visitor to where they need to go.     	*Get Help would lead to a page
that could filter the user to ^ the Documentation page, the wiki,
Bugzilla, etc.     	*Get Involved would lead to a page that listed
various ways for community involvement.     	*Community Resources
would lead to page containing links to mailing lists, wiki, IRC info,
itT, etc.     	*Etc. would lead to wherever else we think is important
for first-time visitors. 
	Then... Above the Downloads section on the content area of the page,
we could place three (or four) finger-clickable (but not too large)
buttons for "Get Help," "Get Involved," "Developer," "Etc.?". 

	I'll wait for some suggestions before maovking something up again. 

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