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From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Oct 8 18:26:25 EEST 2008


	> Erm, I *think* Tim's arguing for a fluid width, but you're not,

	Well... Yes and no. My latest design is "fixed" to the extent that
it will fit within 700px, whether the browser is windowed or
full-screen... The content, though would float centered, meaning that
it would be in the center of the browser window no matter how big the
window is. This design, admittedly, is not made to "expand" too much,
as the big buttons/columns in the main content area would not work in
that regard. 

	Now, this isn't saying that the latest design couldn't be made to
work more fluidly... The news section would definitely work, fixed or
fluid. The two top colums (download stuff) could be made to float
centered no matter how big the browser window was -- although it might
look a little strange if there were a ton of negative space in and
around the columns. And, the right sidebar could be made to always
float on the right-most edge of the page. It _could_ be done. 

	But, as discussion has progressed during this whole process, a few
things became clear: not so much content that really *needed* to be
fluid, and some design elements that *had* to exist. 

	But, the process is still ongoing. And, as I always say, I'd love to
see some ideas for other. ;) 

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 From:  Andrew Flegg 
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 Date: 10/08/2008 8:46 am
 On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 6:49 AM, Quim Gil  wrote:
 > ext Tim wrote:
 >> Last thought: Your idea does not reflect a "fluid" layout in the
 >> sense, so we should make sure people keep that in mind as they
 > Long horizontal lines are more difficult to read and screen
 > are getting wider and wider. So yes, fixed width is a good default
 > unless there are good reasons for breaking it (like we are doing
 > bugs.m.o and garage.m.o
 Erm, I *think* Tim's arguing for a fluid width, but you're not,
 I *strongly* believe that a fixed width design is almost
 broken (and, as tablet users we should see the problems it can
 If someone maximises their browser window on a 1600x1050 screen, why
 shouldn't the design take up 75% of the space? They may have
 the minimum font size, or they may like those widths.
 The problem with a fixed-width design is finding the right width.
 people use 1024(x768) or 800(x600), but I like my window at about
 pixels wide on the desktop, and *have* to maximise the tablet
 to get a usable width.
 We should be setting a good example: if everyone used a fluid-width
 design, the tablets wouldn't have quite so many problems on the web.
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