[maemo-community] Incorrect election title on voting page

From: Reggie Suplido reggie at internettablettalk.com
Date: Mon Sep 8 17:00:30 EEST 2008
Sorry I'm late on this thread -- how can I miss subscribing to
maemo-community! grr.

Yup, a great challenge is making end-users (non-techies) participate, which
is still I think the majority of IT owners and eventually the main target.

Let's take Bugzilla for example. I don't think it's proper to force them to
file a bug at Bugzilla. While some would file a bug, I believe that majority
will just get turned off or not technical enough to fill-up the form, not
mentioning you have to create a new account just to file a bug. A better
solution maybe is for someone, maybe from a developer or contributer, to say
'ok, I've reserved a bug ID for you and if you click this link, all you have
to do is detail what you are experiencing' or, 'I've filed a bug for you
based on your feedback. here's the link to the bug just in case you want to
monitor or expound on it.'

Getting feedback is so important (I can't emphasize this enough) that we
shouldn't hinder any end-user from giving them or let them rot because they
weren't 'properly' reported. This will be a challenge of course but will
eventually be a huge plus to the ecosystem, and to the enhancement of the
'user experience.'

On a side note, I hope Henri is about finished with integrating itT's posts
and thanks stats to maemo.org.

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> >>> This point has been discussed fairly heavily in a number of
> >places (I
> >>> can't be bothered to dig up links at the moment, perhaps somebody
> >>> else would mind doing so? :D), but my own opinion is that you can't
> >>> really be a part of a community without being involved in it.
> >>
> >> After some thinking, I fully agree. There's a difference between a
> >> user and a community member. But the idea or possibility that users
> >> are not just users, but members of a community is great and unique
> >> that I hope that we can tell more to whoever considers buying the
> >> product that runs on maemo software.
> >>
> >> Therefore I hope that the council, or the community together with us
> >> would think ways on how to lower the barrier on getting users into
> >> contributing community members. At the moment the barrier of getting
> >> involved with maemo.org is higher than with ITT since benefits of
> >> creating an account are more concrete. I don't want to create any
> >> "this vs. that" situation with maemo.org and ITT, but just
> >to say that
> >> maemo.org needs to create a position also with the end-users that
> >> everyone understands and agrees.
> >
> >Yes, getting more people actively involved in maemo.org
> >(particularly things like bugzilla and the wiki) is one of my
> >major long-term goals (with or without a council seat). I've
> >hopefully done a small part in moving that effort forward
> >already by encouraging many of the active itT contributors to
> >get involved in maemo.org.
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