[maemo-community] Need help in filling a survey on Nokia Internet Tablet and Maemo platform

From: manaswi shukla manaswishukla at gmail.com
Date: Sat Sep 20 22:33:29 EEST 2008
As part of interaction design project at University of
we (a group of 5 students <http://sites.google.com/site/si682maemo/team>)
are designing Organizer for Maemo platform on Nokia Internet Tablet. The
efforts are in collaboration with Season of

As part of the project, we are collecting data on usage of Nokia Internet
Tablet and Maemo platform. We are conducting a small survey on usage pattern
of organizers on Internet. We need to collect data soon so that we can start

We will be really greatful, if you can spend few minutes to fill out an
online survey. The survey will not take more than 5 minutes.

*Please follow the links for the online survey->*
1. If you have used Nokia Internet Table and Maemo:

2. If you have used any Organizer on Internet:

3. If you have used organizers on mobile:

Hope you will be able to help us in our efforts. Please note that the
information will be confidential and private and will not be shared with

Thanks and Regards,
Manaswi Shukla
MSI, School of Information,
University of Michigan
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