[maemo-community] Maemo.org web site

From: John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Date: Sun Sep 21 21:56:59 EEST 2008
I was trying to find somewhere, anywhere, on the web site to send 
feedback.  The closest thing I could find was joining this mailing 
list... seems sort of odd to have to join a mailing list in order to 
make a suggestion.  If that's not what this list is for, please forward 
this message to the right people (and get them to put their contact info 
up on the web site somewhere reasonable... like a "website feedback" or 
"website suggestions" link that's in the footer common to ever page).

Looking at other sites around the internet, I'm surprised there aren't 
at least _some_ RSS feed options on Maemo.org.  The only two I could 
find are  a feed brought over from Internet Tablet Talk, and then an 
feed for garage.maemo.org/news ... that isn't advertized on the 
garage.maemo.org/news page (I had to dig all over to find it).  Here's 
feeds I'd like to see:

1) At least for http://maemo.org/news,

2) definitely one for http://maemo.org/news/announcements,

3) definitely one for http://maemo.org/news/events,

4) definitely one for http://maemo.org/news/planet-maemo,

5) possibly for http://maemo.org/news/jobs,

6) possibly a feed that combines 1-5, so that you can just have one big 
feed for them,

7) definitely for the user forum (http://maemo.org/community/maemo-users/),

8) definitely for the developer forum 

9) possibly for each mailing list (so you can read the list via RSS),

10) having an option for each project to have its own RSS feed (so you 
can just see things related to that project, instead of looking at the 
general garage RSS feed),

11) I've seen software download sites (like All About Symbian's software 
database) that have RSS feeds for new and updated software.  I'd suggest 
the following RSS feeds from the maemo.org/Downloads for:

    * New packages for All Maemo versions
    * Updated packages for All Maemo versions
    * New packages for OS2008
    * Updated packages for OS2008
    * New packages for OS2007
    * Updated packages for OS2007
    * New packages for OS2006
    * Updated packages for OS2006

Further, I would suggest that the actual pages in question have an "rss" 
link, with the logo, on the actual page (each webpage I've given a URL 
for above), so that you can easily utilize the RSS feed.   For a good 
example, look at http://maemo.org/news/community/ ... but also add that 
RSS information to http://garage.mameo.org/news as that page gives you 
NO indication that it has an RSS feed available for it.

If these feeds are already available, but are just hidden ... then WHY 
ARE THEY SO DIFFICULT TO FIND?  Please fix this.  Once again, 
http://maemo.org/news/community/ is a GREAT example of how it should 
have been done.

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