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From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Sep 22 14:22:28 EEST 2008
Hi John,

Thanks for the suggestions! As Valerio says, most of these are available
(and, at least in my web browser, are advertised in the page metadata -
in the location bar I get an RSS icon which I can click on and see a list).

I wanted to address one other point you make:
John Rudd wrote:
> I was trying to find somewhere, anywhere, on the web site to send 
> feedback.  The closest thing I could find was joining this mailing 
> list... seems sort of odd to have to join a mailing list in order to 
> make a suggestion.  If that's not what this list is for, please forward 
> this message to the right people (and get them to put their contact info 
> up on the web site somewhere reasonable... like a "website feedback" or 
> "website suggestions" link that's in the footer common to ever page).

On the bottom of each page, there is an "Improve this page" link, which
brings you to the maemo.org bug forum - we also use thius site to gather
suggestions for improvement.

To enter a suggestion you will have to create an account - inconvenient,
I know, but it is the best way for us to protect ourselves from being
flooded with requests (such a flood, of course, would add overhead
taking away from the time when we fix any problems).

Also, let me point out other feeds Valerio didn't:

> 7) definitely for the user forum (http://maemo.org/community/maemo-users/),

A third party site (there should be one on maemo.org but it looks like
it's not included in the list archives page):

> 8) definitely for the developer forum 
> (http://maemo.org/community/maemo-developers/),

(same comment applies)

> 9) possibly for each mailing list (so you can read the list via RSS),

There should be an RSS feed generated by pipermail - but rigt now I
can't find it, so it is definitely too hidden (if it's there).

> 10) having an option for each project to have its own RSS feed (so you 
> can just see things related to that project, instead of looking at the 
> general garage RSS feed),

Garage news: https://garage.maemo.org/export/rss_sfnews.php
For each project, there are a number of RSS feeds available. For
example, for Maemo Mapper:

> 11) I've seen software download sites (like All About Symbian's software 
> database) that have RSS feeds for new and updated software.  I'd suggest 
> the following RSS feeds from the maemo.org/Downloads for:
>     * New packages for All Maemo versions
>     * Updated packages for All Maemo versions
>     * New packages for OS2008
>     * Updated packages for OS2008
>     * New packages for OS2007
>     * Updated packages for OS2007
>     * New packages for OS2006
>     * Updated packages for OS2006

And, again, most of these exist.

Updates, including new versions and new projects:


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